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Market Research and Industry Contacts

All Sustainable Park Solutions work is grounded in market research. Sustainable Park Solutions has access to a range of up to date market information including reports produced by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, BDO Accommodation Pricing Tool and bespoke reports/data produced for Sustainable Park Solutions by Tourism Research Australia. Sustainable Park Solutions also has a range of contacts at both a national and international level that it can use for additional information and/or resources.

Consultation and Project Management

Sustainable Park Solutions has extensive experience working in and with regional communities. Sustainable Park Solutions understands the importance of proactively engaging with community and stakeholders at all levels of project management. Sustainable Park Solutions also has extensive project management skills.

Planning, Design and Master Planning

Sustainable Park Solutions has extensive planning, design and master planning skills and partners with Guymer Bailey Landscape Architects on caravan park related projects.

Business Plan

Sustainable Park Solutions prepares a business plan to support the Vision and Master Plan for all its park redevelopment projects. Sustainable Park Solutions argues that a Master Plan must be based on a business plan and financial returns if it is to be achievable, realistic and most importantly delivered.

Focus On The Delivery Of Consistent And Quality Guest Experiences

Whilst recognising the needs of the various stakeholders in all its projects, Sustainable Park Solutions also argues that it is imperative to focus on the needs of current and future guests at the caravan park. Further it argues that is essential that the park delivers consistent and quality guest experiences if the vision is to be realised.

Pragmatic And Achievable

Sustainable Park Solutions brings a pragmatic approach to any project based on years of experience in planning, operating, redeveloping and marketing caravan parks in regional destinations.

Ecologically Sustainable

Sustainable Park Solutions is committed to ecological, economic and social/cultural responsibility and as such seeks to ensure current and planned infrastructure minimise the impact on the environment and helps preserve and enhance the environment for the future.

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