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Our People

Matt Williams Principal

Matt Williams is the principal of Sustainable Park Solutions. Matt is a marketing and business development professional, with an extensive background in corporate strategy, project management and consumer and business to business marketing. Matt was previously General Manager Business Support of Australian Tourist Park Management and holds a Graduate Diploma of Tourism and a Bachelor of Arts in environmental Studies. Matt has extensive contacts within the national and international caravan park industry and more recently has been invited to China to assist the Chinese Caravan Industry.

Natasha Tovey

Natasha is a Director of Sustainable Park Holdings and the CFO of Sustainable Park Solutions. Natasha is a Chartered Accountant and has worked with financial modelling with a focus to maximise returns on caravan park redevelopment in the short to medium term.

Further, extensive exposure to the day to day back of house transactions of many and varied caravan parks have resulted in a wealth of knowledge on expected costings in this industry. Operational support of the management staff has also led to a strong understanding of the booking systems which in turn provides support for the managers at the park.

PO Box 801 Toowong QLD 4066 Australia
+61 447 562 557